All-In-One Hotel Management System.

Powerful and easy to use PMS for Hotels to manage every detail, grow revenue and improve guest satisfaction. Ideal for boutique and mid-sized hotels.

all-in-one system

Whether it’s channel management, direct bookings, restaurant management or accounting functionality, there’s no need for multiple software suppliers – it’s all in Semper’s Hotel Management System.

Grow Revenue

Acquire more direct bookings on your website and Facebook with Semper’s Booking Engine. Increase occupancy and automatically upsell hotel guests with our cost-effective software.

delight hotel guests

From booking confirmation to check-out, make the experience of your hotel guests digital, contact-free and future-proof.

TRUSTED BY some of the best hotels.

We’re honored to be top-rated among the best in Hotel technology.

As hospitality professionals, we make it our mission to provide you with the tools you need to get more reservations and happier guests. Our dedication to creating powerful technology empowers independent hotels for more than 25 years.

Your Guests’ Experience is Everything. Let us show you how our hotel management system can help.

manage your hotel with one system

With our powerful hotel software you are in complete control of your hotel operations, from anywhere, anytime. Our system is all you need as it manages all aspects, increases productivity and reduces human errors.

  • Our PMS dashboard provides a complete overview of your hotel business. Accessible from any device, anytime so you are always in control.

  • Easily manage rates and availability across your PMS, booking engine and OTA channels. No more overbookings or manual updating.

  • Extensive financial reporting and accounting functions ensure your business is tax-compliant and provide useful insights to make better decisions.

acquire 20% more direct bookings

Our Booking Engine makes it easy for hotel guests to book on your website or Facebook Page, on mobile, tablet or desktop. All commission-free so you increase your profits.

  • Quickly and securely collect payments from guests booking via your website, with the lowest fees.

  • Automatically upsell products and services before arrival to increase profit and improve guest satisfaction.
  • Display specials and promotions via the booking engine and attract more direct bookings.

restaurant and bar management designed for hotels

Do you have a restaurant or bar in your hotel? Our Point of Sale module is seamlessly integrated with our Property Management System so you can use one platform to manage all aspects of your restaurant and bar.

  • No need for 3rd party restaurant software, unlike our competitors.

  • Provides detailed and real-time insights and reports into your restaurant and bar operations.

  • Easy to learn and easy to use for staff on smartphones and tablets.

easily Manage 1000+ hotel booking channels from one place

Save time and effort with a single place to manage your hotel’s distribution, reservations, reviews and payments. Our Channel Manager allows you to easily capture revenue across every channel that potential guests visit.

  • Opening up and optimising your distribution across a wide range of booking channels.

  • Direct integrations to the world’s largest booking platforms (, Expedia, Agoda, AirBnB & Google Hotels).
  • Responding to reviews can be done from within our software.

Comprehensive training on EASY-TO-USE software

We ensure that our software is customized for your hotel and that your hotel staff knows how to use it. As a result, your entire team will be in sync so the focus can remain on offering a great guest experience.

  • We train your staff to use our software in a matter of days, often in person and on-site.

  • Keep track of housekeeping status in real time.

  • Our support team is knowledgeable and can be contacted in various ways, including Whatsapp.


Your Data Is Safe

During the switch we transfer your data to Semper with minimal loss.

Fast Set-up

On average, it takes between 2 days and 2 weeks to switch over to Semper, this includes staff training.

Implementations Team

Semper has an entire implementations team to make the transition as easy as possible.

Cancel Anytime

No fixed contracts. Once-off set-up fee and low monthly fees. Cancel anytime.

ONE EASY-TO-USE system for hotels.


A property management system plays a very important role in running the property’s operations smoothly. It helps hoteliers like you to manage the day to day chores and handle all tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. Besides, adopting the right PMS is a key to your business success.

Yes, Semper has a local and a cloud-based system available.

Yes, Semper is certified for both POPIA and GDPR which includes various changes to the system to ensure compliance throughout.

yes the entire system is modular and you pick what you need and grow with us that way.

Guest experience is everything. Two main features ensures easy and effective communication with your guest and secondly to improve guest experience.

If done correctly, you would achieve maximum spend per guest by upselling products and services at various customer touchpoints before the guest arrives.

Semper includes many automated functions that drastically cut down on manual work.

We roll out at least 4 major updates and various smaller during a 12 month period.

The system is exceptionally customisable to ensure we meet the way you wish to operate.

Semper integrates to more than 40 partner companies for various supporting products.

We also provide you with an operational process document that’s designed to assist venues to implement best business practices.

Unlimited, 365 days in advance is the industry’s standard.